See y'all in 2020!

Our Harry Potter Corn Maze

People have been getting lost in our 8 acres since 2006. If you are new to 'corn mazing'... The object is to negotiate your way (on foot) through the design we've cut into the corn. The corn is taller than you... so it's fun and challenging to explore through the paths. You will receive a map of the corn maze and some hints as you enter. You may also carry a flag to raise up towards our tower lookout in case you need help finding your way out.  We have posts in the maze to help you find your way (and to add to your fun!) Each evening we draw a lucky winner from those that complete the MAZE and award Chick-fil-A prizes!! The Maryland Corn Maze has become our Fall Festival Family tradition here in Gambrills... stop by... I bet it will soon be yours!