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YES! Make sure to bring your phone. This year, as you travel through the maze trying to find your way... there will be posts to find and some fun along with each one as you scan the QR codes... Don't worry... if you get LOST... not only do we have our staff up in the tower watching over you but there will be plenty of staff in the maze to protect you too!
No need to worry! We have a staff member in a tower overlooking the corn maze at all times. You can give a holler or wave your flag (that we provide) and they will help you find your way at any time.
Our corn maze is never haunted. At night, you can bring your flashlight just for the extra fun of going through the corn maze in the dark. (this itself can make it a bit spooky!)
It normally takes 45 minutes to an hour. We can point you towards a shorter route if you would like a less challenging version... 
Our process begins with a simple concept that we design path-by-path on a computer. Come June, our farmers plant our corn crop in a rectangle. After the corn has begun to grow to about 2", we transfer our design to the field and cut the pathways. It essentially comes down to using simple geometry, measurements, and intuition to create the perfect finished maze. By matching points from our computer design with rows in the cornfield, our maze designers like to say we are creating the maze in a way that is actually quite similar to a dot-to-dot game on the back of a cereal box! Once designed, we go to work keeping the paths cleared until YOU come and keep it clear for us by walking through and enjoying it :)
People have been getting lost in our 8 acres since 2006. If you are new to 'corn mazing'... The object is to negotiate your way (on foot) through the design we've cut into the corn. (it's a Taylor's version this year!) The corn is taller than you... so it's fun and challenging to explore your way through the paths. We always make sure to have destinations for you to find in the maze. (this year you will use your phone!) As you find them...there will be a fun game to play to help you through the maze. The Maryland Corn Maze has become a Fall Festival Family tradition for many here in Gambrills... come on in and get lost... I bet it will soon be yours!
Tickets are not refundable however you can exchange them for a different date.  *To switch your date, click the link in your order confirmation email from Shopify, the page will list all your tickets and you will see a "Change tickets" button, click that.